Welcome to Life with a Pop! My name is Lizzie Ballantyne and I am currently a freshman at Duquesne University. Although my major is undecided, I have decided that I love writing so this blog was a no brainer. I’ve always been interested in beauty products and makeup and I currently work part time at a local makeup store back home. Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember and concerts will always be my favorite events of the year. I’ve also decided that spreading positivity is a goal of mine, which is what I hope to do here as well! Hopefully my tips and insights will be helpful for college students, but also people of every age. 

I created this lifestyle blog in hopes to add pops of positivity and fun into your life! I am going to use this blog to give my tips, reviews, and insights into my life. My goal is to reach out to people of all ages to share my thoughts and allow you to share your thoughts, too!