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Weekly Wrap-Up March 10-16, 2019

Welcome back to Life with a Pop! This week has been so good, especially since the weather has been so nice! I hope that everyone has had a great week and is ready to reflect on their week. For anyone new here the goal is to reflect on your week to realize how many positive aspects there were, use your senses to observe the world around you, as well as focus on how you can improve to be a better person! I posted an introduction to explain the concept further, but here is a basic idea of what is included in a Weekly Wrap-Up post:

My Weekly Wrap-Up Reflection

  1. 5 Positive Senses 
    1. The sight of everyone out on campus because of the nice weather
    2. The smell of rain
    3. The taste of shrimp and grits at Nola on the Square
    4. The sound of birds chirping while walking to class
    5. The feel of The Comfy
  2. 4 Things I am Thankful For 
    1. Being back with my Duquesne friends
    2. Having a great Spring Break
    3. Sunny days
    4. Going on a two hour walk in Pittsburgh
  3. 3 Things I am Proud Of 
    1. Doing really well on my French test
    2. Working ahead on my blog
    3. Exploring the city
  4. 2 Things That I Could Work On 
    1. Going to the gym more
    2. Getting more sleep
  5. 1 Hope For Next Week
    1. To do well on my science exam

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(2) Comments

  1. Dad says:

    We had a great Spring break with you. I too enjoyed the shrimp and grits.
    Keep up the good work. We are proud of you!

    1. Lizzie says:

      Thank you!

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