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Spring 2019 FabFitFun Unboxing

Welcome back to Life with a Pop! I am very excited to write today’s post because I will be unboxing my Spring 2019 FabFitFun box. I am so happy that I became an annual member of FabFitFun because receiving the box each season is so fun! In today’s post I will take you through the items that I received, along with a couple of add ons. I’ll walk you through the price points, my personal thoughts on the items, and general facts about them. The Spring 2019 FabFitFun Box is one of my favorite FabFitFun boxes I have received, so let’s get started!

Deux Lux Demi Backpack

Deux Lux Demi Backpack – Retails for $75

I was really excited to receive the Deux Lux Demi Backpack in my Spring 2019 FabFitFun Box! I’ve received a purse in the past from FabFitFun but this is the first backpack I have gotten. It is super lightweight and very comfortable to wear. I like that it isn’t too bulky but still really sturdy. The color scheme of black and white is perfect to pair with any outfit. This backpack is the perfect size for a day trip or as a carry on for traveling. I am really excited to start using this bag, especially in the spring and summer!

Quay Australia My Girl in “Black/Smoke”

Quay Australia My Girl in “Black/Smoke” – Retails for $55

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sunglasses! I have been wanting to invest in a nice pair, but now I don’t need to! These sunglasses are perfect. Quay Australia is a brand that I’ve started hearing about through different influencers and collaborations. They caught my attention early on because of how stylish they are, but also the quality of them. I have sensitive eyes, so I am pretty particular to how well they block the sun. These glasses do the trick! Similarly to the Deux Lux Demi Backpack, the neutral colors make them the perfect accessory to any outfit!

Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in “Mandarin, Orange, & Bergamot”

Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in “Mandarin, Orange, & Bergamot” – Retails for $19

I am so happy this was in my Spring 2019 FabFitFun box! The Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion is a thick lotion but once you start to rub it in, it thins out. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy/oily residue, which is a huge plus for me. This particular lotion’s scent is “mandarin, orange, and bergamot.” It smells incredibly clean and fresh, perfect for spring and summer. I have a feeling this is going to be my go to lotion in the summer because it is extremely lightweight, but at the same time incredibly moisturizing. For my ingredient conscious people here are the ingredient benefits: no mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, parabens, animal testing, synthetic dyes, synthetic alcohol, phenoxyethanol, PEG, or SLS. It contains organic ingredients, essential oils, cold press oils, and hyaluronic acid and it is herbal effective, recyclable, vegan, gluten-free and dermatologically tested. It doesn’t get much better than that!

S’ip by S’well

S’ip by S’well – Retails for $19.99

S’well is a brand that makes reusable, stainless steel water bottles. This bottle is the perfect size to carry with me to class or work. It can easily slip into any bag I have or I can comfortably carry it around. Because the bottle is insulated I can use it all day with either a hot or cold drink. Another plus to investing in a water bottle like this is that it reduces the amount of plastic water bottles used. So really it is a win-win all around!

Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush

Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush – Retails for $18

I have heard so much about dry brushing so I was extremely excited to see this in the Spring 2019 FabFitFun box! This detox brush is the perfect size and has a little strap for your hand to slide into on the backside. Once you slide your hand in you can rub in circular motions onto your skin as a way to exfoliate and also stimulate circulation. You can choose between doing it on dry or wet skin, but I prefer to do it on dry skin. After many uses it reveals more radiant skin and I have loved using it. The first couple of times it left my skin a little red, but it never hurt. It has continually made my skin smoother and smoother which is a miracle because I have very rough skin. I also want to point out the bristles on the brush are natural!

Ouai Leave In Conditioner

Ouai Leave In Conditioner – Retails for $26

The brand Ouai is one of my all time favorite hair brands, but I have never purchased the leave in conditioner before. I had high expectations for this because of how much I love their other products. Needless to say, this did not disappoint. I spray it into my hair after I shower when my hair is damp before I brush. My hair can get brittle and break pretty quickly if it isn’t maintained properly. This product has been a life saver! My hair is always soft after I spray this into it. Similarly to other Ouai products, it smells super fresh and I love how it makes my hair smell!

Dr. Brandt Skincare Needles No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel

Dr. Brandt Skincare Needles No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel – Retails for $42

I was very excited to receive this product in my Spring 2019 FabFitFun Box because I love eye creams! One of my biggest insecurities is my dark under eye circles, so I am always looking for the best products to help lighten them. The name of the product is de-puffing, and it does the trick. But it also helps with dark circles! I use it after I apply an eye cream before I do my makeup. One of the most unique aspects of this gel is that it has a salmon color. It is nothing to be scared of! It works like a color corrector which is why I use it before makeup. This is probably one of the more unique beauty products I’ve tried and I am a fan!

Manna Kadar Champagne Body Scrub

Manna Kadar Champagne Body Scrub – $24

I am always on the lookout for new body scrubs (I have a post all about this coming up)! Two of the key ingredients for helping with dry skin in this scrub is charcoal and Dead Sea Minerals. The consistency is thick but easy to spread and use. I haven’t used it too much so I can’t say much about long term results. But I can say the times I have used it, my skin has been left feeling polished, clean, and moisturized. It has a unique scent that is hard to pinpoint, but I really like it! I just want to point out that the scent is on the stronger side, so if you don’t love fragranced products that could be a downside. But overall I am really impressed with this body scrub!


The next two items were items that I purchased at a discounted price to be added to my Spring 2019 FabFitFun Box. They did not come in the traditional subscription box.

Bodipure HandPure Hand Mask Duo

Bodipure HandPure Hand Mask Duo

I am so excited to try the Bodipure HandPure Hand Mask Duo! I have incredibly dry hands so when I saw this was an add on option, I had to grab it. The pack comes with a set of gloves that you leave on to moisturize your hands. Your hands are one of the first body parts that shows signs of aging, so I love that this targets anti-aging and healing dry skin. It is made without mineral oil or parabens and it is not tested on animals. The mask comes in a one size.

Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum

Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum – Retails for $36

The Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum is going to be a great serum for the spring and summer! I’m currently using a thicker, oilier serum because of how dry my skin is, but once the warm weather hits I will be switching over. Collagen is a great ingredient for skin because it plumps the skin and reduces fine lines. This serum also helps to add moisture but it is super light weight. This serum is not thick at all, so be careful with how much you use because it spreads very easily. I am really excited to add this into my daily skincare routine!

That completes my Spring 2019 FabFitFun Box unboxing! If you enjoyed this and are interested in reading about other products I’ve tried, head on over to my Beauty page. Don’t forget you can subscribe at the bottom of the page or on the sidebar to get email notifications about my latest posts. If you want to stay connected, you can follow my social media pages at the bottom of the page! Lastly, please share this page so we can grow the Life with a Pop community and let me know in the comments what products you want to try!

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