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How Life with a Pop was Born

Between social media posts and little tidbits in previous posts, I have started to hint at why I started a blog. But I think it would be beneficial to do a full post about how Life with a Pop was born. I am not the most open person in the world so it could be surprising to people who are close to me that I have created this blog. But I have enjoyed writing from a young age and my first semester at college was the final push to create it. This might be a long post but I am excited to share with you all the story behind this blog.

Creating a blog has always been in the back of my mind as a fun hobby. But like many others I was afraid of putting myself out there. It is a very intimidating idea to put out my own thoughts and opinions into the world. The thought that “success” of my blog is based off if people like my ideas enough to keep coming back. The more I started thinking, I started thinking it was a bad idea. What if people think I’m weird for doing it, what if I’m not successful, what if nobody wants to read it, etc. But then I started thinking even more. What if people really like my content, what if I am able to use this as an outlet to release my thoughts while simultaneously improving as a writer, what if this leads to something bigger. These thoughts were what I used to convince myself to start a blog

Being a freshman in college, I don’t have my life mapped out like other people my age do. I honestly don’t know what I want to pursue as a career. But I do know what interests me and that blogging could be a fun hobby that eventually becomes a career. Turning my blog into a career wasn’t the main point of creating this, though. I wanted to have a project that I truly enjoy working on. Beauty products have always been really interesting to me, even at a young age. Once I got a job at a local makeup store, I fell even more in love with beauty and makeup products. I am by no means an expert, but I do have knowledge and opinions to share. This is why a big part of my blog is going to involve beauty products.

Two other big interests of mine are music and traveling. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned from different adventures I have been on and also sharing my traveling stories. Personally, I enjoy reading about where other people have gone and I hope others will enjoy what I have to share about mine. My parents have said from the time I was born, music has been apart of my life. I don’t have any musical experience, but I do know that I love discovering new music. I hope to share new music that I discover, as well as concerts I have been to. Without a doubt, concerts are my favorite events in the world. There will be a post about that later on and I am so excited to share my concert experiences.

The last part of my blog that I wanted to include is journaling. This stems from my love of writing and using writing as an outlet for my thoughts. I created Weekly Wrap-Ups to allow myself, and others, to observe the world around us. It also serves as a way to appreciate moments in throughout the week. The Weekly Wrap-Up journal is what I am most excited about and look forward to doing each week. I am hoping it will really grow and expand because I strongly believe that it could help others.

Now that I have taken you all through the different portions of my blog, I think it is important to talk about where the name Life with a Pop comes from. Growing up, and even now, with fashion and makeup, I really like to add pops of color where I can. I am not the biggest fan of wearing plain colors unless they are accented with fun accessories. I know that isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I think it makes outfits and makeup looks more fun. My Aunt Janet also believed in this and she was one of my biggest inspirations. I remember hearing a story about her trying to find an orange purse to add a pop of color to a look. That story, for whatever reason, has really stuck with me. I think it is because I found myself relating to it and seeing it as another reason that her and I were similar. Combining that story and my own style is how Life with a Pop was born. My goal is to add a pop of fun and positivity into other people’s life through this blog.

Now that I have taken you through this blog, I am hoping that it makes it clearer for everyone why I wanted to start this blog. I fully admit that I am not an expert on the topics talked about above, but I am educated on the topics and an expert of my thoughts and opinions. My goal to expand my blog so if you have enjoyed this post and are interested in the direction that this blog is heading, please subscribe to the email list on the sidebar. I also post regularly on my social media accounts, if you want to stay connected follow me with the links below:

I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and if you feel inclined please pass this link/my blog on so we can expand the community!

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  1. Phill Slater says:

    My blog also contains a journal element. In fact that’s all it is since the turn of the year.

    Good luck with it. It can be difficult but it’s very rewarding.

    1. Lizzie says:

      Thank you, I’m excited to see how it goes!

  2. Lisa says:

    Good luck with your blogging! Mine’s pretty random, too but if that’s what makes us happy – then so be it!

    Lisa at Tales from the Love Shaque

    1. Lizzie says:

      Thank you! Sometimes the random ideas are the best ones!

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