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Weekly Wrap-Up December 23-29

After a busy day of traveling to New York City, I am ready to sit down and reflect with this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up! For anyone new here the goal is to reflect on your week to realize how many positive aspects there were, use your senses to observe the world around you, as well as focus on how you can improve to be a better person! I posted an introduction to explain the concept further, but here is a basic idea of what is included in a Weekly Wrap-Up post:

My Weekly Wrap-Up Reflection:

  • 5 Positive Senses 
    1. The sight of NYC decorations
    2. The smell of Christmas dinner
    3. The taste of our Christmas frittata
    4. The sound of my family unwrapping presents
    5. The feel of Maggie’s dog laying with me while watching TV
  • 4 Things I am Thankful For 
    1. My family being together for Christmas
    2. My friends and their families
    3. The Christmas presents I received
    4. My trip to NYC
  • 3 Things I am Proud Of 
    1. Being independent
    2. Working hard at my job
    3. Hanging out with friends and family despite being tired/wanting alone time
  • 2 Things That I Could Work On 
    1. Coping when I feel overwhelmed
    2. Not getting frustrated as quickly
  • 1 Hope For Next Week 
    1. I hope that we all have a safe and fun start to 2019

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